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7 Tips To Heal Relationship Conflict

Do you or your partner emotionally withdrawal when negative emotions arise? Do you find yourself shutting down and repeatedly leaving the relationship. This is one of the most painful patterns that causes fights, breakups and divorce.

Tips To Make Conflict A Possibility For Deeper Connection:

1. Honor All Prior Agreements and Commitments To One Another.

2. Fight Fair. No name Calling or Blaming

3. Take Responsibility For Your Own Feelings and Asking What You Need.

4. Recognize What You Did To Make Your Partner Upset.

5. Genuinely Apologize For Your Part in The Conflict.

6. Learn To Tolerate Uncomfortable Feelings.

7. Learn To Increase Your Understanding of Yourself and Your Partner.

Be Curious. This will help anticipate positive and negative results in the future.

You may not feel like doing any of these tips but you can either be right or be in a relationship. The choice is ALWAYS YOURS!

To learn more how to have a healthy relationship and deal with challenges, go to

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