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The Power of Your Words

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Every word you speak, write and think has a vibration of energy within it.

The power of words is equivalent to the power of thought. Your choice of words will either attract or repel your desired outcome.

For every one negative thought, five positive thoughts are needed to neutralize your mind. Are you aware of the words you are choosing?

If you have trouble knowing what words are positive or negative, tune into how the words make you feel when you speak them aloud. Another way to measure the energy within a word is to ask your partner or a friend how that word makes them feel. Do they empower both you and your listener? Words resonate differently with each person. Selecting words that impact the most amount of people carry a higher vibrational force.

Ideas to help you choose words with the highest vibration:

  1. Is there another word that feels better than the one I am currently thinking?

  2. The more specific the word, the less room for misunderstanding.

  3. What image comes to mind with this particular word?

  4. How would I explain this word to someone who doesn't speak the same language?

  5. Does this word make you say yes, maybe or no?

For more information on how to choose the wisest words to achieve your desired outcome, go to and schedule a coaching session today!

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