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Uncertain About Your Relationship?

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Have you noticed you don't trust your partner fully and experience doubt about whether to share your feelings in regards to things that matter to you? Do you wonder if this relationship is the right match or if there is someone else who is better suited for you? You are not alone and it's all too common. All your previous relationships and current relationships influence you in subtle ways that make it difficult to completely trust anyone. Your friends, family, co workers all have disappointed you at some point in your life. What if you discovered that trust is not what you think it is. What if you learned that trusting your partner means forgiving them, overlooking their mistakes.

The expectations placed on romantic relationships are not only idealistic but detrimental to the success of a relationship. Your feelings will NOT stay the same in every moment. Emotions have an entire range from sadness to joy that life itself will challenge you to explore. Ask yourself if you accept this natural range of emotions or are you constantly resisting them, causing the negative ones to last longer than they need to. Every time you resist a negative emotion you are using mental energy in a harmful way that blocks your ability to process it. In time you can't help but to act on this negative powerful impulse. Emotions provide information about one's core goals and needs. They prepare you for action. Resisting emotions is resisting your core needs.

Your partner is not responsible for what you feel, you are responsible for what you feel. Read that again please. Once you are certain that you understand this then you are free to decide if you want to continue in your current relationship. I encourage to explore your relationship with all the emotional states and discover which one you may be struggling with accepting. If you want certainty in your relationship, try taking responsibility for your emotional state. The result could be a loving relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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