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Why Forgiveness is more important than Trust.

The belief that we need to trust our partners, family members, friends, government and ourselves sets up unrealistic expectations for all. Trust is a firm belief in the reliability of someone or something, it evokes certainty and freedom from doubt. We understand that relationships are built on trust and respect yet the longest most enduring relationships are built on the ability to forgive. If you are unable to forgive then you are unable to love. Trusting someone is putting faith in them to do what is right in every moment. Trust implies there is a "right" thing that everyone knows and agrees upon. The differences in personalities, belief systems and family upbringing make morality a challenging topic to conclude.

Forgiveness implies understanding, tolerance, and letting go of negative emotions. I am not speaking of divine forgiveness but a human process that allows us to acknowledge the other person's perspective and process our emotions in a healthy way. The practice of forgiveness decreases chances of resentment in the future and extreme levels of stress in the moment. It is something that can be learned and doesn't need trust to be successful. It operates outside the sphere of confidence where doubt is acknowledged and vulnerability lives. The process of forgiveness leads to empathy and compassion towards yourself and the one that hurt you, while leading you down a path of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Benefits of Forgiveness:

1. Healthier relationships

2. Improved Mental Health

3. Less Anxiety and Stress

4. Lower Blood Pressure

5. Improved Self Esteem


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