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Turn Your Knowledge Into Action.

Ever wonder why you don't do what you know you should? Are you waiting to be motivated or pushed by someone? Do you hesitate, procrastinate and hope to feel like it tomorrow?

Mel Robbins discovered thru brain research that there is a 5 second window after an impulse which you either choose to act upon or not. Counting backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 shifts your brain into preparing you to utilize your inner wisdom into positive action.

If you are overcome with anxiety or doubt use the 5 second countdown and give yourself an anchor thought that you are ok. To make it more powerful, visualize yourself doing something that brings you joy.

Forcing yourself to be uncomfortable is the only way to make changes in your life, You are NEVER going to FEEL like it! You can prepare your mindset and change your entire life in 5 seconds.

Confidence is a skill developed and a willingness to try.

Get out of your head, past your feelings and activate your inner wisdom.

If you have a question or impulse to contact me, call 954 319-7010

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