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Three Pillars To A Happy Relationship.

1. Be Responsive To Your Partner.

Always acknowledge and answer then back. Lean in towards them with your words and physical presence.

2. When A Conflict Arises, Don't Blame, Get Defensive, Criticize or Stonewall Your Partner.

This is the tough one, this requires emotional intelligence and mindfulness in how you communicate in a challenging situation. (Hire A Therapist Or Life Coach To Help)

3. Take 100% Responsibility For The Relationship.

The quality of effort you put into the relationship will reflect the quality of the relationship.

If you are one of the those people that believe relationships should be easy and not require work then you may suffer from loneliness or chosen relationships that keep your identity in tact. Some relationships feel effortless and have an ease about them where the work is enjoyable. However, at some point you will experience a relationship that challenges your belief system and maybe even your ways of being in the world.

Misunderstandings and conflict invite possibility for personal growth and increase a greater capacity for joy. These three pillars apply to all the relationships you have in your life. Experiment with practicing these three things with your coworkers, clients, neighbors, friends, family and romantic partner. The results will be instant and feel like a miracle.


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