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Tips To Use Stress For Positive Change.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Stress among Americans intensified this year according to the Gallup's latest update on the world's emotional states. As the economy soared, more Americans are stressed now than they have been in the last decade. About 65% of people between ages 15 and 49 reported high levels of stress during the day. This is good news if we understand the hidden potential of our stress. More people today are searching for mindfulness techniques, meditation, positive psychologists and life coaches. Our culture is realizing that in order to evolve at this rapid technological pace, we must find new ways to be proactive. If we want more diamonds in our life than more stress is necessary.

Stress impacts our physical, mental and relationship health. The attitude and belief systems about what you are experiencing determine if the stress will either inspire you or deplete you. Once we cross the threshold of stress, the potential for new levels of focus and flow become possible yet most people resist this opportunity, choosing to focus on what gives them instant gratification. Increasing your capacity to tolerate uncertainty helps connect you to your most meaningful goals. Improving your relationship with stress is how you can live into your 100% and unlock your creative powers. Michealangelo saw the complete statue inside the marble because of his relationship with stress, therefore chipping away everything that didn't belong.

Stress is the motivating energy that is needed for your masterpiece.


1. Remind yourself of the obstacles of all the great leaders, artists and masters throughout history. Write this somewhere you can see everyday- Wholeheartedness is the antidote to exhaustion."

2. Acknowledge stress as energy and begin a new action to utilize this energy.

3. What is this stress chipping away? Visualize something tangible that you are ready to let go of.

4. Share your stress with loved ones and open the doorways to intimacy and closer connections.

5. Learn who this stress is inviting you to become.


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