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The Gift Of Anger

Anger conjures the image of a lightening bolt that happens so fast your reactions themselves can’t even keep up. It is the catalyst for quick decisions that transform your entire life to a place of mystery or majesty.

Indecision can paralyze you with feelings of anxiety, fear or sadness yet once anger floods your bloodstream, you feel empowered to react without care of the consequences. To free yourself from the consequences of your actions is to abandon personal responsibility of freedom. You are acknowledging there is a power greater than yourself.

Anger is natural and stimulates adrenaline to rouse the brain and body to fight or flee a threatening situation. It is a response to a perceived or real threat. In today’s society we don’t experience as many real threats as we do perceived ones.

What makes you angry today illuminates what you fear most. The moment you feel yourself taken over by anger, clarity to your deepest desires becomes possible. The last time you felt anger what did you desire in that moment? Truth, intimacy, closeness, validation, certainty, safety?

Anger is a doorway to wisdom, enlightening who you are today and who you choose to become. It has the power to be poison or medicine. Just like you. Recognize anger as a gift that once unwrapped is a precious treasure that deserves a thank you to whomever inspired it’s source.

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