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Ways To Build Trust With Your Partner

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Do You find yourself ruminating over ways your partner has broken your trust?

You may find it difficult to give yourself fully to someone who hasn't made you feel safe and triggers deep seeded fears.

Focusing on fueling your desire to be a trustworthy partner is the first step to trust your partner.


Eliminate one behavior that shows your skepticism or doubt in your partner.

Make a #commitment to yourself that you will no longer engage in this behavior. You don't need to tell your partner, you only need to eliminate the behavior successfully.

Spend time reflecting on how you measure trust and decide to demonstrate your results with your partner. Consider how your partner may measure trust and find ways to show them what you came up with.

Communicate in your partner's love language and be relentless with your intention to build trust. Understand it is a lifelong process with many mistakes and together you can grow at helping one another develop self trust and forgiveness of self and one another.

Create a Ritual together that reinforces the sacredness of the relationship. For example, when one person leaves or arrives there is a special greeting of an extended hug and loving exchange of words.

The question everyone is always asking their partner whether it is spoken or not is

"Are you there for me"? Learn how to answer this question with your actions consistently and clearly.

Invest in coaching, therapy, personal development workshops, meditation, or anything that will expand your self awareness. #Know thyself

For more information on how to build trust with your partner, contact Christine Walter at 954 319 7010 or email at

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