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Tips For A Digital Detox

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

1. Leave Phone Outside The Bedroom. (BUY AN ALARM CLOCK)!

Research shows that sleeping next to your phone interferes with your bodies ability to enter deep sleep. The consequences of this is having a profound effect on your health. The body requires deep sleep to renew cells, restore the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. Rest is imperative for maintaining mood, memory and cognitive function. Social connection is one of the most important factors for mental health and in our culture we are lead to believe that internet connections are satisfying this important ingredient to our well being. The ease and convenience of a pocket size computer that only requires your fingers to communicate thru a screen and can change your entire emotional state is more powerful that we even know yet. It's true that you need others for optimal health and technology can aid at maintaining or building these connections, yet there are limits and boundaries that must be established face to face and screen to screen. You must train yourself to turn off and get deep sleep if you want health and happiness.

Technology assumes you have the intelligence and mental strength to make positive use of it's power.

2. Learn How YOU Make Important Decisions.

The truth is most people can't make smart decisions about what they want for breakfast in the morning. The average American is overweight, unhappy in their job and marriage. The amount of choices that we now have at our finger tips is overwhelming and exciting! Your smart phone may have groceries delivered, your favorite meal, new clothes, a new house, a new job, a new lover and a college degree. You have access to infinite information 24/7 365 days a year. The possibilities of our technology are expanding every day. The speed of this technology is challenging everyone to learn HOW and WHEN to use it's power efficiently and wisely. It makes sense that the first book For Dummies was published in 1991 called DOS For Dummies and today there are over 2,500 titles For Dummies. There is no coincidence that this first book was written on a computer operating system. Reflect on how you operate and when you make wise decisions that serve you.

When do you use your smart phone or computer to escape or numb out ?

3. Create Rules and Boundaries For Yourself.

Time Management is a hot topic and a major complaint of many people. It's common to hear "I don't have enough time to even think about what's most important in this moment". You may find yourself giving in to every distraction or every desire in the moment. Suddenly you realize your amazon cart has a better memory than you and is more expensive than your mortgage or your Instagram feed has you scrolling for longer than your last real conversation. It is imperative that you set strong boundaries that are non- negotiable with yourself or anyone else. You can begin by creating rituals to signal you are about to engage in something that is worthy of your undivided attention. Set time limits that are specific and consistent. Practice turning off your phone 2 hours before you go to sleep and don't turn on your phone for 30 minutes when you wake up.

What would you like your time on social media or your computer to reveal about you?

4. Invest in coaching, personal development or therapy to learn new skills that will build your self esteem, expand self awareness and improve your communication with others.

Deciding to do a digital detox is a healthy way to reconnect with what is truly important to you. You can utilize this time with reading books, talking to face to face with people, exercising, being in nature and slowing down. Choosing to turn off technology and tune in to yourself and others will result in better health and greater appreciation for life. Consider investing in yourself and create habits that reflect the real you.

How will you know if you are using technology to help or harm you?

For more information on how coaching can help you , go to and schedule a session today!

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